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Hultafors Group is constantly monitoring our supply chain in Asia to foresee any disruptions on the delivery situation caused by the coronavirus - (COVID-19).

Our regional operations and sourcing teams are following up with suppliers daily. Updates will be released and communicated to on a continual basis, as we get more information. 

Current updates for each of our business units as per below: 


With the information at hand today, we do not foresee any delivery problems in general for the next 8-12 weeks. Moreover, we have security stocks on most styles and our main suppliers are not located in the areas affected by the virus. Our Supply Team will continue to provide updates of the delivery situation, with increased frequency if the situation so requires.



CLC is glad to report that as of today the CLC supply chain will not be affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Most of CLC’s vendors are unaffected by the delays linked to the coronavirus outbreak. We have received only one report of delays, which will not in any way affect our delivery capacity, as we always maintain a six-weeks minimum inventory on hand.


Johnson is expecting some delays from its suppliers because they are running at a lower capacity than planned. The delays, however, are not expected to exceed three weeks. We continue to evaluation the situation and have open channels of communication on priority items with our suppliers. We are, moreover, evaluating the possibility of domestic sourcing on key products on a case-by-case basis. 


Some delays in suppliers’ deliveries are expected in the next few weeks. We are in the process of setting a priority schedule so suppliers can focus production on most urgent models/sizes. Information about the foreseen production schedules will be released as soon as possible.


We are in constant dialogue with our suppliers and currently estimate delays of up to four weeks for some of our products. We will continue to have a close dialogue with our suppliers requesting the latest information and make sure to optimize the production schedule once they are back at full capacity, securing priority for our key products. We have placed additional orders to our suppliers with the aim of securing production capacity if there will be an increased demand once production is up and running.


With the information available at the moment, we do not foresee disturbances in the supply-chain, so we do not anticipate delivery problems in the near future. We have secured supplies until May and are working to secure supplies going forward.

Hultafors Group

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